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Other colors of ViewkBox players:

green frame on a green page: click here

purple frame on pink page: click here

Invisible black frame on black page: click here

Invisible white frame on white page: click here

main player (blue motif): click here

There are 16 million possible colors of player frame, background, button, button roll-over, button pressed, button text, and title text.

You can have up to 8 categories (main menu buttons) with up to 12 items in each.

Each item can be a .flv movie file anywhere on the net, or each item can be a URL to another player or web page. The URL triggered by an item choice can be another ViewkBox player so an infinite number of videos can be played from your site.

Videos do NOT have to reside on your server. Any .flv video can be played.

Videos can be sized up to 800 x 450 in HD!

Each video can have a "buy it now" link or link to a detailed description of the product in the currently playing video.

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